“I have no words to describe how magical my experience was! My body was broken from stress, hard work, health issues. I am very pleased to say that the treatments have helped my body, my mind and my soul! Since that very first time I keep seeing Rasa regularly” • Simona

“I have been coming to Rasa since I was 3 months pregnant and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Like all ‘mummies to be’ there are times throughout pregnancy were you can feel quite run down, hormonal and generally uncomfortable and I can honestly say after each visit to Rasa I would feel energised and happier in myself. I have since had my little boy (by natural water birth) and continue to visit Rasa regularly. She is extremely experienced in all types of massage, pregnancy, holistic, hot stone etc and unlike other therapist’s I have visited in the past where they do the same robotic movements each time Rasa’s massages are different which is so refreshing” • Michelle

“My massage is the highlight of my week. The tranquility and soothing effects of her work just melt away my stress. Great work and great prices”  Gigi

“I can only feel grateful seeing Rasa patiently and kindly working to alleviate my chronic pain which I am battling for years. No one has made such a difference as she did” • Marie

“Her magic hands and calming voice will create a true island of peace in your hectic life and will relax and heal not only your body, but your soul, too. Rasa has treated me throughout my pregnancy, helping me to move forward without pain and keep emotional balance” • Natalia

“Magical hands and very gentle and personal approach to every customer. I am amazed! Highly recommend” • Margarita

“Excellent pregnancy massage – exactly what I wanted and needed. Rasa has a lot of knowledge and experience, and is very nice person. I will definitely go back for another massage” • Agnese

“Can’t thank Rasa enough for the pregnancy massages. My lower back used to kill me and Rasa’s magical touch would work wonders. She is very dedicated. Sometimes I used to be conscious of the time but she used to spend a lot of time over and beyond the hour long massage to make sure my sore muscles were in working order. I still continue to go to her for a post-natal massage” • Devki

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